Services as an intermediary

The Centre runs a marketing platform, offering insights into new trends and results in research and development from both countries. It will also promote individual projects run by research teams and company laboratories to potential partners in the other country by disseminating information to them.

Offering a broad range of information on R & D, the GCCIR projects German ideas and initiatives into Canada and vice versa. Companies can seek assistance with their efforts to understand the market conditions on either side, notably for research-based products and for effectively positioning products and services in the market of the partner country.

Services as a coordinator

Equipped with R&D expertise and a sound understanding of the environment in both countries, the Centre promotes the establishment of collaborative partnerships.

The GCCIR focuses on marketing, communicating, matchmaking, networking, and representing interests on both sides. The facilitation of direct and personal contact between all parties is included in the services offered.

In addition to its role as an intermediary, the Centre itself can also take on the role of a “counterpart.” It can offer project and program management services as a contractor for science, business, and public administration.

Services as a partner

The GCCIR enhances the mutual knowledge of the R&D capabilities on each side by providing detailed information on academic and research institutions and organisations. Established opinion leaders and experts on a select number of research topics will be asked to contribute to the GCCIR’s information services on a regular basis. The GCCIR will thus seek to establish a German–Canadian expert pool.

The GCCIR aims at strategically building a network of intermediaries to foster the potential for innovation. Early collaboration between science and business in both countries will be facilitated by the GCCIR. The GCCIR will develop into the nucleus of a broad and diverse network of experts in both countries that will generate long-term and sustainable relationships.