Alberta-Canada-France Joint Industrial R&D Projects



The Alberta-Canada-France Collaboration Fund is a joint program established by Alberta Government`s Ministry of Economic Development and Trade in collaboration with NRC and Bpifrance, and delivered by the German-Canadian Centre for Innovation and Research.


The overarching goal of this program is to help participants become more globally competitive by developing innovative technologies and research based alliances with the potential to foster international trade and economic growth. Further goals include:

  • Connecting industry players and researchers across multiple jurisdictions
  • Development of new models of collaboration between Alberta and France that leverage key research & technology capabilities
  • Addressing common priorities, and accelerate the commercialization of technology
  • Launching revolutionary product development and commercialization projects that aim to bring new products and services to market
  • Delivering economic benefits to citizens and business people in both jurisdictions

Who can apply?

Albertan small and medium-sized enterprises (1 to 499 employees and less than $50 million in gross revenues, Source: Industry Canada, Statistics Canada) are welcome to apply to the Alberta-Canada-France Collaboration Fund for joint industrial R&D projects. French partners can be small or medium-sized enterprises, as well as larger companies or independent research institutions. However, please note that only a French SME is eligible to apply to our French funding partners Bpifrance. All proposals to the program must involve an industry partner from each jurisdiction with an interest in commercialization.

0 Projects
Three projects are being funded.
Around $800 thousand are being distributed to Albertan SMEs through the fund.

Project Selection Criteria

Future calls will be open to initiatives or projects focusing on developing innovative products, technology-based services, or methods in all technological and application areas, which have strong market potential. Eligible projects can be in any of the following stages:

  • Applied research and development
  • Product development
  • Proof of concept
  • Prototype development
  • Technology demonstration

 Looking for French Partners?

We organize a matchmaking trip to France for Albertan companies every year (usually in late fall). Please contact us for more information on our next matchmaking mission.

 Application forms for the Alberta-Canada-France Fund

This program is no longer available. Please apply through the Alberta-Europe Collaboration Fund.