Testimonial Statements

Matchmaking-Symposien in Deutschland

"The GCCIR matchmaking symposia were a valuable experience for us. It allowed us to meet with potential collaboration partners in Germany. The symposia were very well organized and provided a holistic view of the German technology industry and its culture."

Mehadi Sayed, President and CEO, Clinisys (2014)

"The Matchmaking Trip to Germany was wonderful. We had the opportunity to meet with potential collaborators and partners. We experienced Germany's great culture and developed an appreciation of the innovation and creativity that drives Germany's economy. We had also the opportunity to meet our fellow Albertan companies in the delegation and we were able to learn from each other."

John J. Yao, Chief Executive Officer, TC Scientific Inc. (2014)


"The GCCIR program has been essential in helping to create strong international cooperation with our German partner as we lead the way to a new industry shaping technology. We are excited and grateful to the programming!"

Jeremy Bridge, President and CEO, PK Sound (2014)

"GCCIR matchmaking and funding has enabled Boreal Laser Inc. of Edmonton to cooperate productively with Nanoplus GmbH of Gerbrunn, Germany in the development of new laser based gas detection and analysis products. New mid-infrared laser technology developed by Nanoplus for mid infrared makes possible a range of new applications for Boreal Lasers' gas detection platforms, opening up new markets and significant revenue growth opportunities. At present, within the collaboration fostered by the GCCIR program, Boreal Laser is developing and trialing two prototype new instruments: a mid-IR ambient hydrocarbons gas monitor; and a process methanol monitor. Initial sales of these products are expected in 2015."

Hamish Adams, CEO, Boreal Laser Inc. (2014)

"MRF Geosystems Corporation has been selling desktop Geographical Information Systems (GIS) software products in Germany since the 1990s. As more and more customers migrated to web-based GIS, MRF had a very difficult time penetrating the German web-based GIS market. Through the GCCIR Collaboration Fund, MRF has found a very strong partner in Germany who has proprietary GIS technologies, an extensive existing customer base, and the connections with many potential new German customers who could benefit from the MRF web-based GIS technologies."

Gary Zhang, President, MRF Geosystems Corporation (2014)

"GCCIR's support for this project has enabled us to spend more time at our customers' facility and to commit more resources to the partnership than would otherwise have been possible. Due to the long distances and cultural differences involved, the support has most critically allowed us to spend more time directly working with Sonnenbatterie's development team, building the trust, understanding, and collaborative relationships that are major contributors to the success of such projects."

Brent Harris, Co-Founder, Eguana Technologies Inc. (2014)

"The support of GCCIR enabled Calgary Scientific to extend our joint development work with our German partner to add significant new capabilities to our Resolution MD Vessel analysis software. Physicians can now receive patient's vascular images simultaneously from different locations through their web browser and collaborate on a diagnosis."

Kyle Peterson, Director, Regulatory & Corporate Affairs, Calgary Scientific Inc. (2015)