Fri. Nov 1, 2021 - German Studies Research Grant for Canadian Students

A specialized DAAD program now offers up to ten German Studies Research Grants to highly qualified Canadian undergraduate and graduate students who are nominated by their department/program chairs. The grant may be used for short-term research (i.e., 1-2 months) in Germany or - in exceptional cases - North America.

Program Objectives

The program is designed to encourage research and promote the study of cultural, political, historical, economic and social aspects of modern and contemporary German affairs from an inter- and multidisciplinary perspective.


Eligibility Requirements

Undergraduates with at least junior (third-year) standing pursuing a German Studies track or minor may be nominated for the grant by their department and/or program chair.

Master's level graduate students in the humanities and social sciences earning a certificate or working on a project in German Studies may be nominated for the grant by their department and/or program chair.

PhD students in the humanities and social sciences in the process of preparing their dissertation proposals on modern German topics may be nominated for the grant by their department and/or principal advisor. Students whose dissertation proposals have already been formally accepted are not eligible for nomination. The intent of the program is to provide an opportunity for short-term exploratory research to determine the viability or to delimit the scope of their proposed dissertations. The program is not intended to supplement or substitute for regular dissertation field work abroad which should lag the short-term research stay by at least one semester.

All applicants are expected to have completed two years of college level German language studies and a minimum of three courses in German Studies (literature, history, politics, or other fields) at the time of nomination.

Terms of Award

Research support ranging in value from $1,500 to $3,000 is available to individual scholarship recipients and is intended to offset living and travel costs during the active research phase. Support cannot be provided for stays in Germany in the context of study abroad programs.


Application Guidelines

If possible all parts of the application form should be typewritten, otherwise neatly printed. Confidential letters of recommendation and official transcripts should be forwarded in sealed envelopes. Please do not staple any of the application materials.

 A complete application consists of the following parts:

·         Completed DAAD application form

·         Curriculum vitae (résumé)

·         Detailed description of the research project or the pre-dissertation proposal, including a research plan and itinerary (including approximate dates of travel)

·         Budget statement

·         List of German language and German Studies courses taken

·         Two letters of recommendation, including one from the professor supervising the German Studies curriculum or the research project

·         DAAD language evaluation form (“Sprachzeugnis”). The language evaluation form is a mandatory part of the application form, and must be completed and signed by a faculty member of the German Department at the applicant's institution.

·         Official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate work completed

Application Deadlines

Applications will be accepted and processed on a rolling basis until November 1, 2021 for research stays scheduled to take place within calendar year 2013.

Applications postmarked the day of the deadline or earlier will be accepted; those with later postmarks cannot be processed. Incomplete applications are invalid.

Please note: Application materials will not be returned, and no reasons for a decision will be given.


Please submit your application to:

DAAD New York

“German Studies Research Grant”

871 United Nations Plaza

New York, NY 10017


For more information about DAAD programs and scholarships, please visit: