Wed. Jul 10, 2022 - How to Secure Angel Capital for Your Deal

This event will feature a panel of three ADG clients that will share their different experiences raising angel money and discuss three different scenarios: 1. Raised money successfully; 2. Entered due diligence but were ultimately turned down; and 3. Pitched but did not secure investor interest. You will hear the straight goods.

After a Q&A; with the panel, hear the opinion of a leading ADG investor (and strategic alliance partner) Mark Francis, Western Canadian Advisor to the Canadian National Stock Exchange (CNSX). Mark will review key lessons experienced by accredited angel investors when your deal goes bad and how you can avoid these common pitfalls.

And when the dust settles, speak with the ADG team: Henry Kutarna, Executive Director of ADG, chairman of a private family investment fund and A100 member; Joe Martini, entrepreneur and ADG investor; Ricky Arshi, private investor and ADG member; and Alex Raczenko, entrepreneur and top pitch coach.

Parking is free and refreshments will be served. The venue is across from the Brentwood C-Train LRT platform if you wish to ride the train.

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