GCCIR Delegationsreisen

Die Reise nach Europa

Aufgrund der aktuellen CORONA Pandemie, hat das GCCIR beschlossen die diesjährige Delegationsreise in einer virtuellen Form stattfinden zu lassen.

Als solches ist das GCCIR Co-Organisator von einer Reihe virtuell stattfindenden Partnering Events geworden, von denen einige in Zusammenhang mit namhaften Handelsmessen organisiert werden. Die Teilnahme an den Partnering Events ist kostenfrei sofern nicht anders angegeben.


MEDICA       (offen für alle Unternehmen)
22. Oktober 2020 – 29. März 2021
(Tagungsgebühr: 100 EUR für Unternehmen, Forschungseinrichtungen, etc.; 50 EUR für Start-Ups; Gebühren können bei erfolgreichen Partnerschaftsanbahnungen und möglichen anderen Resultaten nach dem Event vom Veranstalter erstattet werden)
Anmeldungen möglich bis 19. Nov 2020 unter https://medica2020.b2match.io/


IraSME Partnering Event   
43 November 2021    07:00 a.m. – 09:00 a.m. MDT (15:00 – 17:00 CET)
Bitte schreiben Sie uns unter info@gccir.ca, um Ihr Interesse an der Teilnahme dieser Veranstaltung zu bekunden.


Smart City Expo World Congress Partnering Event   (offen für alle Unternehmen)
17. Bis 18. November 2020
Anmeldungen möglich bis 9. Nov 2020 unter https://smartcity2020.b2match.io/


Die Formate der Veranstaltungen können unter Umständen sehr verschieden sein, daher wird das GCCIR Sie dabei unterstützen den besten Nutzen aus der jeweiligen Veranstaltung ziehen zu können.

Weitere Veranstaltungen werden zu der Liste hinzugefügt werden, sobald deren Datum feststeht.


Das German-Canadian Centre for Innovation and Research organisiert jährlich eine Delegationsreisen nach Europa, an der kleine und mittelständige Unternehmen (KMUs) aus Alberta teilnehmen können, um potentielle Partner für die gemeinsame Durchführung innovativer Technologieentwicklungsprojekte zu treffen und sich für den Alberta-Europa Kollaborationsfonds für Technologieentwicklung zu bewerben. Dabei werden 15 bis 20 KMUs aus Alberta ausgewählt, um an den jeweiligen Reisen nach Europa teilzunehmen.


Die Kriterien für die Qualifikation für die Delegationsreisen ähneln denen für den Kollaborationsfonds. KMUs die sich für die Reisen qualifizieren, müssen zwischen 1-499 Angestellten haben und weniger als $50 Millionen CAD in Betriebseinkommen erwirtschaften. Eine weitere Voraussetzung ist zudem, dass die Unternehmen eine permanente Niederlassung in Alberta haben.

Thanks to the attractive GCCIR Matchmaking Trip and the Alberta-Germany Collaboration Fund we gained valuable contacts and access to work collaboratively with experts in Germany. The outcomes of this GCCIR project will benefit both Ceapro and the German partners, a perfect win – win situation. This project was only possible because the GCCIR has done an excellent job in facilitating first to find partners in Germany and second by providing this funding opportunity.
Bernhard Seifried, Director of Engineering Research & Technology, Ceapro Inc.
Routeique participated in the GCCIR Matchmaking trip to Germany and France in 2017. I have to say the entire experience was beyond our expectations and the we couldn’t be happier with the results. The format and organization of the trip meant that our days were filled with productive and fruitful meetings, but we still had time for networking and experiencing some of the local culture.

My hat goes off to GCCIR for making the entire process painless. Their team is fantastic to work with, very approachable and always ready with advice or assistance. For Routeique, the result has been the establishment of an R&D partnership with two German organizations. The group is currently collaborating on a project that will help firmly establish Routeique in the German (and larger European) market within the next 18-24 months.

Routeique will definitely be working more with the GCCIR and attending other matchmaking events in the future.

Mike Allan, President, Routeique Inc.
The GCCIR runs a very well organized program with strong supports for entrepreneurs who join them on the matchmaking trip.
Timothy Griffin, CEO and Founder, Userful Corp.
The mission to Germany was an extremely fruitful and enjoyable experience for Evolution. The trip and financial support from GCCIR allowed Evolution to continue to pursue strategic R&D partnerships at a time when the poor economic climate would have otherwise made it prohibitively expensive. On the trip, Evolution’s team was able to meet with a number of potential new contacts and enabled Evolution to find a perfect technology project partner; one that Evolution continues to collaborate with today and wouldn’t have found otherwise. Evolution is very thankful for the fantastic opportunity with GCCIR.
Aaron Logan, Vice President Engineering; Angelica Francoeur, Director of Intellectual Property, Evolution Engineering Inc.
The matchmaking event that I attended was well organized and ran like clockwork. The venues were first class and the opportunity to meet partners was available at every turn. By traveling through the country and participating in the various social events I got a much better idea of what Germany is all about. It was a great opportunity and I would do it again.
John Murphy, CEO and Founder, Stream Technologies Inc.
SPLICE Software has been looking to find European collaboration partners and the GCCIR Matchmaking Mission was a great opportunity to network with various international professionals and potential project partners. This was our company’s second time on this mission, and the GCCIR team once again worked tirelessly with their partners in Germany and France to ensure we were introduced to various organizations that fit within our project scope. The mission was not only filled with important networking sessions which generated an abundance of contacts, but the agenda was also filled with opportunities to explore the beautiful cities we were visiting so we could get to know the culture. The trip was well organized and the travel recommendations were very helpful. The GCCIR team was easily accessible and quick to answer any questions we had – it was a great opportunity and an amazing experience which we would happily do again.
Karolina Congdon, Channel Partner Coordinator, SPLICE Software

Weitere Informationen

Für weitere Informationen bezüglich der Delegationsreisen kontaktieren Sie uns via E-Mail: info(at)gccir.ca