Project Description

Creative Destruction Lab launches Rapid Response Innovation Program: CDL Recovery

CDL Recovery will rapidly transform technological innovations into useful products and services that address public health and economic recovery challenges created by the global COVID-19 crisis

Creative Destruction Lab’s (CDL) mission is to transform science projects into massively scalable products and services that benefit humankind.

CDL engages leading entrepreneurs, economists, scientists, inventors, business leaders, and investors from around the world in team-work and cooperation for the purpose of accelerating the idea-to-deployment cycle via a rigorous, objective-setting process.

CDL will now turn its attention to contributing to the crisis response, applying its proven model to assist with public health and economic recovery.

Today, many industry leaders, policy-makers, and academics express the need to assume a wartime footing in response to COVID-19. Thus, our launch of CDL Recovery - a new program designed to rapidly transform technological innovations into useful products and services in the areas of public health (e.g., diagnostic tests, vaccines, remote treatments, telemedicine) and economic recovery (e.g. virtual work, retraining, remote operation, automation, food supply) in response to the global crisis.”

CDL Recovery is designed to anticipate and address some of the most pressing needs that will arise over the next six to eighteen months.

Support from Scale AI, a Canadian investment and innovation hub, will bolster CDL Recovery’s capacity to respond nimbly to these evolving needs, scaling products and services for market as quickly as possible.

Applications for the program are now open. All types of innovative teams may apply - startups, corporations, informal collaborations, sole inventors, social impact ventures, and not-for-profit initiatives. The program design is described on the CDL website. CDL Recovery follows the traditional CDL program structure at twice the regular cadence.

Learn more about CDL Recovery or apply nowFor more information, email