Professor, Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary

Short Bio

Dr. Edwin Wang, Professor and AISH Chair in Genomics/Informatics. He has been trained in computer science and genetics (PhD, UBC, 2002). He has been a professor/Senior Investigator at National Research Council Canada and McGill University (2002-2016). His expertise is bioinformatics, systems biology and machine learning in health informatics. He is an editor for several international journals including PLoS Computational Biology, the top journal in the field of bioinformatics. He has edited the book of Cancer Systems Biology (2010), the first book of the field. He is the member of the AACR-Cancer Systems Biology Think Tank, which consists of ~30 world leaders in the field for discussing key problems and cutting-edge directions. His pioneering work of cancer network motifs has been featured in the college textbook, GENETICS (2014) written by a Nobel Laureate, Dr. Hartwell and the father of systems biology, Dr. Hood. His pioneering work of microRNA of signaling networks opens the new research area: network biology of non-coding RNAs. He has applied and developed new machine learning and deep learning algorithms in big data of health domain.