National Operations Manager and Project Lead, Canadian Urban Transit Research and Innovation Consortium (CUTRIC)


Short Bio

Kristy Mlakar is the National Operations Manager and Project Lead with CUTRIC, based in Toronto. She manages the operations of CUTRIC’s fast-growing national team to effectively morph CUTRIC from a start-up organization into an increasingly successful small to mid-sized enterprise (SME). Kristy began working for CUTRIC as a Research Intern during her graduate studies supporting various research activities related to autonomous and connected electric vehicles as enablers for first-mile/last-mile solutions in urban and suburban communities. Kristy’s research capacities and knowledge of the subject matter - which includes the completion of her Master’s research paper on the State of Autonomous and Connected Vehicles in Canada - led her to also become the Project Lead for CUTRIC’s National Smart Vehicle Demonstration and Integration Trial. Kristy previously worked as a Research Assistant with the McMaster Research Group for Stable Isotopologues and completed her undergraduate thesis in stable isotope geochemistry and paleoclimatology.