The GCCIR is a bilateral initiative for the development of German–Canadian research and business relations.

Based on a belief in the pivotal importance of science and research for fostering innovative German and Canadian business development, the Centre actively serves the business side as well as the academic side.

The GCCIR wants to provide support for the exchange of information, development of networks, and the establishment and cultivation of collaborative partnerships in the sciences, particularly in application-specific technological, natural, and life sciences.

Upon request, research-oriented companies can obtain support in the following areas:

  • Acquiring market information and information on research capacities
  • Establishing contact with partners
  • Facilitating intercultural communication
  • Easing start up processes in either country
  • Introducing products and services to the markets

The Centre offers special support to research organisations in:

  • The establishment of collaborative partnerships and bilateral projects
  • The creation of networks and long-term research relationships
  • Research marketing
  • Identifying business partners

The GCCIR sees its role as an intermediary for the interests and expectations of both countries.

A nucleus of innovative networks

GCCIRGerman–Canadian relations have gained a new partner and promoter. The German–Canadian Centre for Innovation and Research (GCCIR) offers a new platform that will help experts from academia and the business world in both countries to establish contacts and develop partnerships.

As an intermediary for the exchange of ideas and knowledge, a coordinator for projects, and a partner for market entry, the GCCIR promotes and supports the development of innovative networks. All of its activities have a trans-disciplinary and international orientation. The GCCIR thus brings a new dimension to the transatlantic world of science and innovation. On the one hand, it strengthens the German–Canadian partnership in the search for new products and services. On the other, the Centre supports efforts to find scientific and business solutions to some of the biggest global questions of our time.

The Federal Government of Germany welcomes this new initiative and sees promising opportunities in it to increase the scope and intensity of relations between Germany and Canada.

Dr. Georg Witschel
Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Canada


Launch pad for binational initiatives

The GCCIR is based on a thorough understanding of the world of research and scholarship in Canada and Germany. The Centre focuses primarily on further developing bilateral research partnerships. The organisation is also a “business intermediary” that helps with the establishment of new contacts and the development and cultivation of networks between the two countries. It also has the objective of promoting communication between business and science.

The GCCIR stimulates the exchange of knowledge and technology by encouraging search and dialogue. The Centre provides companies, scientific establishments, and civil society organisations with information on opportunities for collaboration. The GCCIR’s mandate is also to provide dynamic support in finding, assessing, and helping new ideas and technologies to enter the German/Canadian markets. The Centre’s services range from monitoring the markets and researching specific leads to consulting and assisting with building collaboration between two or more partners.

Embedded in the dynamic development of Germany and Canada’s science, research, and technology, the Centre provides a launch pad for new ideas and initiatives.

Bernd Reuscher
President, German-Canadian Centre for Innovation and Research