Project Description

Cloud Geographic Information System Development (GIS)

Project period: 05/2014 - 05/2016

The objective of this project is to develop a web-based GIS with common capabilities to address the needs of small enterprises such as municipal governments, small utilities, and engineering firms. Customers can use PCs, iPhone/IPad, and Android phones/tablets to view the vector maps served by the web-based GIS. The GIS will support various geospatial data formats to make it easier for the customers to upload their GIS data sets.

MRF Geosystems Corp.

Location: Calgary, Canada
Founded: 1992
Products: GIS products and services

MRF is a GIS firm specialized in GIS related application development, data conversion and GIS consulting services. Examples of their mapping and GIS products are: map printing, map legends, measurement tools, emergency coordination and mobile/Ipad access. Apart from developing GIS software products, MRF also provides GIS consulting services to local governments and private companies in North America, on GIS topics including data conversion, data processing, and customized application development and maintenance.


Location: Sinz, Germany
Founded: 1982
Products: GIS Software

CISS TDI is an established software company specialising in geo-information. The company’s core objective is to facilitate access to geo-data for a broad user group. Using self-developed applications and tools for geo-data exchange, geo-data modelling and geo-data migration, CISS TDI is able to adjust and edit geo-data according to individual requirements.