Project Description

Display Hardware-Software Solutions

Project period: 06/2014 - 10/2015

Userful Corp. and Display Solution AG collaborate to bring to market a combined hardware software innovation where low-cost network connected endpoint devices work together with a central server to deliver a solution that eclipses everything on the market today.

Userful Corp.

Location: Calgary, Canada
Founded: 1999
Product: Desktop virtualization software platform

Userful Corporation is a desktop virtualization software company that makes it simple and affordable to implement and centrally manage virtual computers, from desktops to touch screens and video walls. More generally, the Userful software platform delivers multiple operating systems and interactive content from a central computer to multiple highperformance interactive displays of any size (from the mobile device to the giant movie theater).

Display Solution AG

Location: Gilching, Canada
Founded: 2006
Products: Electronic Display Solutions

Display Solution AG is a developer and marketer of customized LCD solutions. The company combines leading-edge screen and electronic technologies. Products range from single components to complete system solutions built around TFT displays for commercial and industrial use with application in areas such as digital signage, POS, automation, measurement engineering, medical instruments, and other mobile and embedded applications.