Project Description

Hyperspectral Non Destructive Detection of Cracks

Project period: 11/2015 - 09/2017

Stream Technologies and DT Square are building a new non-destructive test for detecting fine cracks in hard materials such as ceramic. Stream has patented technology for hyperspectral imaging and DT Square has years of experience in industrial measurements and algorithm development. The solution involves a series of multi-coloured LED lights and a hyperspectral camera. Surface defects such as cracks will reflect light differently than intact surface and will be captured and processed in real-time. An operator will be shown visual cues, such as a coloured overlay on a video monitor, allowing an action-decision. Industries affected include aerospace, medical, resource/oil, automotive, etc.

Stream Technologies Inc.

Location: Edmonton, Canada
Founded: 2000
Products/ Services: Hyperspectral imaging

Stream Technologies specializes on hyperspectral imaging. Hyperspectral imaging is a technology proven to be useful across a wide range of applications. From being able to detect nitrogen in plants, or oxygen within skin, many problems are being solved in ways that before now have proven difficult or impossible. Originating in the areas of military and defense this type of imaging is only now being brought into civilian life and being applied to what are more commonplace issues within industry.

DTSquare GmbH

Location: Stuttgart, Germany
Founded: 2006
Products: Experimental component testing

The DTSquare GmbH was founded out of the Institute of Statics and Dynamics of Aerospace Structures of Stuttgart University. Due to their many years of service as employees of the experimental department of the institute their test engineers have extensive experience in the field of experimental component testing.