Project Description

Membrane Cartridge Development for Industrial Installations

Project period: 10/2015 - 09/2017

This project aims at improving membrane cartridge design, used in bioethanol production, in order to obtain reproducible performance, easy industrial operability (quick start-up / shut-down capability) and a lifetime beyond 5 years. Both companies will assess different metal potting materials, sealant materials as well as the cartridge geometry in order to develop a superior design.

Whitefox Technologies Canada Ltd.

Location: Calgary, Canada
Founded: 2000
Products: Membrane technology and application

Whitefox Technologies Canada is a cleantech engineering company specialising in advanced membrane based technologies and applications. They combine an in-depth knowledge of membrane separation with efficient process integration for new or existing production facilities. Their experience gained from large-scale membrane-based ethanol production is unparalleled. Whitefox Technologies is focused on membrane applications and processes in the following areas: biofuel ethanol, pharmaceutical, industrial and potable ethanol.

Heggemann AG

Location: Bueren, Germany
Founded: 1962
Products: Undercarriage, propulsion components, fuel tank systems, seat modules and structural components

Heggemann is a development- and manufacturing partner for custom lightweight design. The company has much expertise in
the design and quick implementation of progressive solutions and follows its guiding principle ENGINEERED SOLUTIONS FOR FUTURE MOBILITY. Heggemann works for customers in the fields of aviation, space- and the automobile industry and applies the latest in mobility technologies. They support their customers in all phases of product development – from concept and development via simulation and engineering, up to the building of prototypes, conducting of tests and functional examinations or the production of small volumes.