Project Description

Laser-Based Monitoring of Fugitive Gases

Projektdauer: April 2013 – März 2014

Boreal Laser Inc. und Nanoplus GmbH entwickelten in Zusammenarbeit einen Gassensor unter zur Hilfenahme von Quantenkaskadenlasertechnologie (QKL). Das Hauptanliegen der Kooperation war die Entwicklung einer neuen QKL Technologie zur Überwachung von Luftverschmutzung. Diese Technologie findet Anwendung in der Gassensorik und begünstigt beide Unternehmen.

Boreal Laser Inc.

Location: Edmonton, Canada
Founded: 1996
Products: Laser-based gas detectors/greenhouse gas monitors

Boreal Laser develops and builds laser-based gas
detectors. Gas leak detection is the process of identifying
potentially hazardous gas leaks using sensors. The company’s
systems monitor and quantify gas emissions in large spaces
like gas plants, landfill sites and agricultural operations, where
the emissions can come from multiple sources. Boreal Laser’s
detection technology can do this for critical hazardous gas or
toxic gas detection applications, including greenhouse gas
emissions. If a critical gas level is reached, an alert is sent to
alarms and cell phones with situation specific details available
on a website. The company’s GasFinder systems have grown
into a family of high precision industrial monitoring solutions
for any scale of operation and have become an accepted
technology in 40 countries to date.

Nanoplus GmbH

Location: Gerbrunn, Germany
Founded: 1998
Products: DFB Lasers, Fabry Perot Lasers, OEM Modules

Nanoplus designs and produces Distributed Feedback Lasers
and Fabry Perot Lasers that can detect any gas with absorption
features in the wavelength range from 760 nm to 14000 nm.
The lasers are used for high-precision tunable diode laser
absorption spectroscopy in industry and research. Applications
include process optimization, oil & gas, environment, safety,
defense, health, automotive, space, biotechnology and
research. Examples of gases that can be monitored are: H2O
Water Vapour, CO2 Carbon Dioxide, CO Carbon Monoxide, CH4
Methane, H2S Hydrogen Sulfide, NH3 Ammonium, etc.