Project Description

Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS)

Project period: 01/2015 - 04/2017

This project aims to develop a hybrid piezoelectric/electrostatic MEMS mirror and control technology for application in a miniaturized medical optical coherence tomography (OCT) system. The project is divided among the three partners according to specialty. Preciseley will design the MEMS devices, oversee the manufacture of electrostatic MEMS wafers, develop the packaging technology, and build a demonstrator. EDC will develop and manufacture the custom matched ASIC enabling piezoelectric actuation and positional feedback. ENAS will continue piezoelectric materials development, build a piezoelectric scanning demonstrator, and integrate piezoelectric materials with the hybrid OCT scanner.

Preciseley Microtechnology Corporation

Location: Edmonton, Canada
Founded: 2006
Products: Key components for augmented reality devices

Preciseley Microtechnology produces key components for augmented reality devices. Augmented reality gives a virtual layer of digital information over the physical, real world environment. For example, a device might give information on temperature, location, directions and names of people in the field of view. The most active medical uses of OCT have been to examine the retinal substructure of the eye, and under skin and nails. Precisely Microtechnology designs and manufactures tiny mirror components that projects the virtual data onto the retinal of the eye to make it visible. Their device makes OCT ultra thin, so it can quickly get to new places inside the body to imagine internal organs and even teeth. The company’s microcomponent is also used by cell phone manufacturers to project a bigger image of the display onto a surface, allowing users to see and interact with a virtual keyboard or make a presentation from a cell phone directly onto a wall.

Electronic Design Chemnitz GmbH (EDC)

Location: Chemnitz, Germany
Founded: 2008
Products: electronic systems/chip manufacturing

Electronic Design Chemnitz GmbH acts as a design provider in the fields of discrete circuit design, electronic measurement, sensor applications, ASIC-Design and integrated microsystems. The company was founded in January 2008 as a spin-off from the Chair of Electronic Components for Micro- and Nanotechnology at the Chemnitz University of Technology and is now part of the “Smart Systems Campus” near the Chemnitz University of Technology, a center for microelectronics, microsystems technology and system integration in Saxony.

Fraunhofer Institute for Electronic Nano Systems (ENAS)

Location: Chemnitz, Germany

Fraunhofer ENAS specializes in smart integrated systems for different applications. The institute develops single components, technologies for their manufacturing, as well as system concepts and system integration technologies and transfers these into production. The institute’s product and service portfolio covers high-precision sensors for industrial applications, sensor and actuator systems with control units and evaluation electronics, printed functionalities like antennas and batteries and batteries as well as material and reliability research for microeletronics and microsystem technology.