Project Description

Sensor-Based Health Monitoring Systems

Project period: 04/2014 - 09/2016

This project aims to create a feedback system that can be used by patients and caregivers to detect dangerous pressure and take preventative action. The device comprises a highly flexible, durable, disposable and cost effective pressure sensor augmented with measuring electronics and multiple display devices. The bandage can be applied directly to the skin, or on top of an existing wound care dressing, and would constantly and dynamically monitor pressure and alert the caregiver when pressure reaches critical levels, thereby assisting in the prevention of pressure ulcers.

Orpyx Medical Technologies

Location: Calgary, Canada
Founded: 2010
Products: Sensor-based products to improve medical and athletic self-monitoring

Orpyx develops sensor-based technology to prevent complications from loss of sensation related to pressure (e.g. from hospital beds and wheelchairs). Half of the 350 million diabetics worldwide will develop peripheral neuropathy - a loss of feeling and sensory feedback in their feet. It can cause tissue damage, infection, ulceration and even amputation. To prevent this, Orpyx has developed an innovative sensor-based technology that enables patients to feel the feet again. The insole fits into a shoe and is embedded with pressure sensors. Enabled with wireless technology, patients are alerted if they put too much pressure on one part of their foot. Orpyx’s first product wirelessly transmits feedback to a wristwatch display. Its second product transmits data from their feet to a stimulus pad worn on the lower back. The patient will essentially feel as though they are ‘walking’ on their lower back, and the brain will begin to rewire itself to accept the sensory stimulus from the lower back. Orpyx’ technology can also be used for rehab with stroke, spinal cord, nerve or traumatic leg injuries.

Contag AG

Location: Berlin, Canada
Founded: 1981
Products: Single and double sided circuit boards

Contag AG manufactures prototype printed circuits for the
electronics industry in a variety of custom versions.

Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration (IZM)

Location: Berlin, Canada
Founded: 1981
Products: Reliable electronics

Fraunhofer IZM specializes in applied and industrial contract research. The institute’s focus is on packaging technology and the integration of multifunctional electronics into systems. Franhofer IZM has four sites in Germany with a staff of more than 300 and saw a turnover of 29.4 million euros in 2013. The Fraunhofer IZM departments promote internationally cuttingedge technology development and work jointly on application areas and key development topics, ensuring the research is advancing across technologies. Examples of these development projects come from areas such as healthcare, industrial electronics, textile companies and the automotive industry.