Project Description

Solar Energy Batteries

Project period: 04/2013 - 03/2015

ProSol Invest GmbH’s market leading Sonnenbatterie product line used Eguana’s high efficiency Bidirex inverter platform to create a cost and performance optimized AC Battery including selfcomposition optimization and home energy management functionality. The  roduct was introduced in the growing German market for residential energy storage systems and expanded to other emerging markets including the United States and Canada.

Eguana Technologies
(Sustainable Energy Technologies Inc.)

Location: Calgary, Canada
Founded: 1999
Products: Energy storage systems

Eguana Technologies designs and manufactures intelligent
power electronics for distributed smart grid and micro-grid
storage applications. The proprietary inverters integrate with
storage devices and renewable energy generators. Their
systems are efficient and reliable with long lifecycles at low
cost. The idea behind this technology is to increase the flow of
renewable energy sources into the grid. Distributed generation
and storage enables collection of energy from many sources
and as a result can lower environmental impacts, as well as
improve security of supply.

sonnen GmbH (Prosol Invest)

Location: Kempten, Germany
Founded: 2010
Products: Energy storage, smart grid applications

The sonnen GmbH is a pioneer for intelligent lithium based
energy storage. Their Sonnenbatterie product line offers
solutions such as storage, active energy management, smart
metering and virtual power plant integration. The company
offers different system sizes, optimally customized to the
requirements of residential homes, agricultural farms and
commercial firms.