Project Description

The ATB Datathon, “solve for Alberta, solve for the world”

March 29 - 31, 2019

 The ATB Datathon, “solve for Alberta, solve for the world”, will be hosted at Edmonton’s MacEwan University March 29-31, and will focus on solving problems impacting the lives of everyday Albertans; uncovering solutions with potential for global impact.
Through the ATB Datathon, we aim to encourage ideation and community growth through the cross pollination of ideas while forming meaningful relationships with current and future data science talent. We’re excited to host this event in collaboration with organizations like SAS, OilersNation & GDG Cloud Calgary, and are expecting between 200 and 300 guests in attendance. 
Here are the challenges we’ll be solving:
  1. Mental Wellness - Our mental health plays a significant role in our ability to enjoy a happy and productive life. Utilizing public demographic data, interactions with digital devices and social media, for example -  what insights can be discovered to reinvent how support for mental well-being or stress-related issues are addressed? 
  2. Precision Agriculture - For Canadian farmers, even the slightest of business decisions can play a profound role in crop yield, quality to market, and overall profitability of the farms themselves. How can we use machine learning, satellite imagery, weather data and historical reports to create end-to-end intelligence that could have a substantial impact on our farmers, today?
  3. Customer of “One” - Meeting customer demands for services and experiences (over products) is creating a new mix of consumer behaviours. Using current, anonymous customer data, create a model that allows banks to deliver more innovative, tailored experiences that can better meet their needs; today, and in the future.
Our goal for this event is that attendees have a memorable, meaningful experience that helps them hone their skills and make meaningful connections across the community. For this reason we’re partnering with GDG Cloud Calgary to hold two workshops, in Calgary & Edmonton, allowing participants to enhance their skills with these tools prior to the event.