Project Description

Wear Protection with Laser Cladding Technology

Project period: 10/2015 - 10/2017

The goal of this project is to develop a new method of laser metal deposition (cladding) to increase the life span of high wear components. A new powder delivery method will be developed, which is based on pastes and tapes unlike the powder deposition, which is currently used by industry. In comparison with the current methods of powder application, powder loss will be reduced, deposition rate increased and a higher flexibility regarding complex part shapes will be achieved. This application method will greatly increase the competitiveness of laser cladding and greatly increase the market share of cladding done in Alberta.

Group Six Technologies Inc.

Location: Edmonton, Canada
Founded: 2013
Products: Laser cladding

Specializing in internal and external laser cladding, laser heat
treating, and CNC grinding, Group Six provides enhancement
and repair services to keep industrial parts in service far past
their normal lifespan, reducing your overall repair expense
and inventory. Their combination of in-house equipment and
metallurgical expertise helps their customers to maximize
investments, and minimize replacement.

Canadian Centre for Welding and Joining (CCWJ)

Location: Edmonton, Canada

The Canadian Centre for Welding and Joining is the research center of the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering of the University of Alberta. The research done in the CCWJ focuses on productivity, weldability, automation, and performance. Introducing new processes, procedures, materials, and technologies, researching difficult-to-weld materials such as aged and embrittled alloys, and examining non-destructive testing, corrosion, and fracture issues are some of the areas that are addressed within the centre.

DURUM Verschleiss-Schutz GmbH

Location: Willich, Germany
Founded: 2008
Products/ Services: Creating solutions for wear problems caused by abrasion, friction, corrosion and thermal stress

DURUM products are used in most industrial areas such
as: Deep Drilling, Steel Industry, Foundries, Glass Industry,
Mining, Brick-and Clay, Agriculture, Textile Industry, Chemical,
Aluminum, Excavation, Pump Industry. The company aims at
solving nearly all kind of wear problems caused by abrasion,
friction, corrosion and thermal stress.

Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology IPK

Location: Berlin, Germany
Founded: 1978

Fraunhofer IPK offers application-oriented system solutions¬†covering the whole spectrum of industrial usage ‚Äď from¬†product development, production processes, maintenance¬†of investment goods, and product recycling to design and¬†management of manufacturing companies. They also transfer¬†production technology solutions to areas of application outside¬†of industry such as medicine, transport and security.