Chief Scientific Officer, SoftBank Robotics


Short Bio

Mr. Rodolphe Gelin is the Chief Scientific Officer and the director of research at SoftBank Robotics since
2008. Prior to SoftBank Robotics, Rodolphe was at CEA (French Atomic Energy Commission) for over 20
years as the head of robotics, virtual reality and cognitics program. He has extensive experience of
coordinating EU-funded and other collaborative R&D projects on a day-to-day basis. Rodolphe has led
several projects at SoftBank Robotics; he was notably in charge of the National Romeo collaborative
project (2009-2012) aimed at developing a tall humanoid robot to assist elderly people. Romeo
gathered 12 academic and industrial partners with a budget of 10M€. He then obtained in 2013, the
funding of a Romeo2 4-year follow-up project with 14 academic and industrial partners and a budget of
20M€. Rodolphe G e lin has been a leader and principal investigator of many other national projects
(GVLEX, YOJI) and European projects such as the FEDER project Juliette and two ECHORD Experiments
(GRASPY and BABIR). He has been invited to talk and present at numerous scientific and industrial
events. He has been in the juries of various PhD thesis defenses and also hosted several PhDs,
supervising and managing from an industrial side. At the end of 2015, he joined the board of SoftBank
Robotics as Chief Scientist Officer in charge of Innovation.