Services at a glance...

Contacts with companies and scientific organisations are established and direct help is provided upon request.

Expert management: mentors, experts, or retired specialist consultants, who act as contacts and evaluators in a regional and professional capacity, are commissioned and matched with the right partners.

Subsidies that support research projects and business partnerships are regularly researched and prepared by the Centre.

Customers receive customized consultancy and support and binational, strategic partnerships are formed between research and business.

Partnerships and exchange projects between research institutions and companies are initiated or supported.

Help with marketing, including market analyses and research, is provided, as well as support in drawing up partnership agreements.

Mediator function as a technological and application-specific network is fulfilled, meaning that upon request, the exchange or partnership process can be supported over specific milestones, and subprojects can be carried out as required.

Measures on research communication and presentation of companies are organized and moderated, including providing support for intercultural questions.

Scientific education obtained by company employees from both university and non-university institutions is encouraged and actively supported by the GCCIR, with a thematic choice and concentration on German–Canadian specialities.